Design Competition for Hong Kong’s proposed cycleway parking areas

The proposed cycleway in Hong Kong’s New Territories is holding a design competition to contribute innovative conceptual design of cycle parking racks and layout of the cycle parking areas that can be blended into the design of the entry/exit hubs and resting stations.

The Project “Cycle track between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun” includes two entry/ exit hubs and eight resting stations. The entry/ exit hubs will have cycle rental facilities, cycle parking, public toilets, refreshment kiosks, first aid kiosks, etc., while the resting stations will have cycle parking facilities and sitting-out area.

Prize-winning conceptual designs in the Competition may be incorporated into the cycle track network in the New Territories.

The Competition is open to all. Attractive prizes include $HKD50,000 for the grand prize, $HKD20,000 for each of the three merit prizes and $HKD5,000 for each of the several commendation prizes.

Registration for the Competition will close on January 21.

Entries should be submitted by 5pm on March 12. Details and entry forms are available at the Competition website .


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