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(DA-IICT), is a technological university located in GandhinagarGujaratIndia. It is named after the Gujarati entrepreneur and founder of the Reliance group – Dhirubhai Ambani – and run by the Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. The design was lead by Amitabh Teaotia Designs and the construction and ongoing maintenance was completed by their sister company Sanwaliya Seth Gardens Pvt. Ltd. (SSGPL).

The architecture of DA-IICT is functional, but what surrounds it is a fascinating garden. The entire design was oriented to “Preserve the Environment”. The different blocks are located such that there is minimal damage to trees, and alongside that the majority of the 2566 trees chosen are indigenous varieties. The lawn area measures roughly 50,000 square meters with 3900 square meters of wild St Augustine grass and 3400 Bamboos were planted to mask the concrete residential and educational buildings.


Next to the library stands the campus herb garden with 35 varieties of rare medicinal plants which can be used by both the students and staff alike. The entire landscape was planned and developed in a manner so that no excess rainwater is lost and all irrigation is carried out with recycled water from the small on site lake, which along with the fountain have been strategically located so that the wind blows the cooler air across the campus. Water is of particular importance because although the region is not necessarily short on it due to the northerly regions supplying the rivers the area itself has minimal rainfall even during the monsoon season, so being as self sufficient as possible is an advantage. This factor combined with the shade that the existing and newly planted trees give the area are a considerable advantage for both the 30+ species of birds which are observed within the confines of the campus and for students and visitors to relax during the summer heat when temperatures can reach in excess of 45°C (113°F).



With the campus located in India’s hot dry desert region to the west the garden was designed in a way that the atmosphere remains cool and calm. Trees were planted so that the noise from the exterior roads was reduced so students could study in a natural peaceful environment. Benches are scattered throughout the campus to promote external studying and recreation as well as being located in the parking areas those waiting for transportation or for smokers away from the interior sections of the site.


Prior to the university the area was mostly a forested area and once our design team took control of the landscape side of the project we halted the further reduction of trees form the landscape. This is why many of the trees can be found to be situated in the middle of pathways or in other unusual positions throughout the campus. This not only serves as an environmental advantage by maintaining already mature trees but it also adds numerous unique and quirky features to the campus. Along with the trees within the bath, most pathways were designed to have heavy plantations on both sides to help transport students from the educational environment if only for short while but aiding in the reduction of stress levels.



DA-IICT. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology



Consultants (construction & maintenance) | SANWALIYA SETH GARDENS PVT. LTD

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