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The purpose of  the Tri An  Monument is to honor and express deep gratitude for the millions of Americans and Vietnamese who fought side-by- side to stop communist aggression and give the South Vietnamese people a chance to live in freedom. To give meaning to this difficult struggle, it is important for many of the Vietnamese people who fled their country and escaped communist persecution, to show their appreciation to those that helped them during and after the war.

“Tri Ân” a monument of thanksgiving which means “deep gratitude” in the Vietnamese language was conceived by Yung Nguyen, an immigrant from Viet Nam. The Foundation secured a one-acre site and will fund and build the selected design. They are sponsoring this competition to help them find the most creative ideas.

This is an open world-wide competition and anyone with an idea is welcome to submit an entry—artists, sculptors, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, students, professionals, etc. Registrations will be accepted from individuals as well as from teams or firms.

The entry fee is $35.00 USD for students; and $75.00 USD for all others

Stage One: The Jury will select three finalists. Each of the three finalists will receive an award of $4,000.00 USD.

Stage Two: The Tri Ân Foundation Board of Directors will select the design that best responds to their mission.

SUSAN RADEMACHER, HON. ASLA / Landscape Curator and Writer

YUNG NGUYEN / Immigrant, Entrepreneur & Tri Ân Founder

P.Q. PHAN / Immigrant, Composer & Professor of Music

DAVID M. BIAGI / Architect & Director of the UK School of Architecture



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