City of Dreams Mediterranean | Atkins | Limassol, Cyprus

Construction has started on Melco’s City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol, Cyprus. Occupying an area of 36 hectares, the integrated casino resort will be the largest tourism development in Europe upon completion.

“One would not automatically associate the rich history and natural beauty of Cyprus with a dazzling luxury casino resort,” said Christian Dierckxsens, Atkins’ senior associate director for landscape in Asia Pacific, “to bring these two together seamlessly, offering future guests with a unique experience, has been the key thread for our landscape design strategy. We placed great emphasis on creating a luxury and exciting feel for the integrated casino resort, whilst amplifying the local charm.”

The landscape design is inspired by the traditional Cyprus landscape and architectural style. City of Dreams Mediterranean seeks to offer guests an atmosphere resembling the old town area of Nicosia, the Republic’s largest city, with an emphasis on the lush and floral greenery, meandering pathways and picturesque views, giving guests the impression of being in a village overlooking the hillside. The resort is surrounded by grapefruit orchards, which are typical for the southern region of Cyprus.

Early in the design phase, Atkins’ team of landscape architects undertook extensive project analysis, including site visits and familiarization of local natural stone materials and available native plant species. As a result, stories are being told as guests stroll through the different spaces along the meandering flagstone paths, thanks to this meticulous attention to detail.
VR technology has been a key design tool throughout the concept stages of the resort landscape design. This advanced technology allows the asses the scale and moods of the proposed landscape spaces while ensuring a range of interesting vistas are integrated to provide a diverse users experience.

Guests will be introduced to key native plant species by ancient Cypriot poems which are integrated in paving and wall details. Such quotes refer to the role these species have had in Cypriot history and how they have influenced traditional Mediterranean culture. Guest can enjoy a ‘Mastika’ cocktail at the 300 sqm pool bar, to wind down before having dinner on the 600m2 all-day dining outdoor terrace.

Mastika is a popular local drink made with a liqueur seasoned by mastic, a resin extracted from the mastic tree. This native tree is also planted within the proximity of the poolbar terraces,

Artistic lighting features such as lanterns and bollards, including customized perforations casting light mimick the lace pattern, making reference to the popular local lace making industry, whilst creating a whimsical environment for the guests.

The sheer scale of the resort and landscape features represented a major challenge for the team. The pool areas alone cover approximately 6,000 sqm, including an impressive pool edge length of over 700m. The waterfall is one of the main features of the pool creating a unique experience for guests both above and below the waterline. With a 2m difference in levels, the waterfall is perfectly balanced between making a grand statement without being overly intimidating and out of character with the surroundings.

The landscape is designed to cater entertainment for visitors of all ages; for example, the pool area features a man-made beach, children’s play pool, jacuzzi areas, an integrated pool bar and outdoor lounge areas. The event lawn and Amphitheatre provide spaces perfect for private events, weddings or celebrations.

“Luxury means so much more than expensive materials and glittering finish. It is the holistic experience for the guests and I’m pleased about the role that our landscape design plays to elevate the luxury experience.” Added Christian.

Project Name | City of Dreams Mediterranean
Design team | Atkins, (a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group)
Client | Melco Resorts & Entertainment.
Location | Limassol, Cyprus.

Image Credits | Atkins, (a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group)