Chapter One Flow | Bangkok, Thailand | Landscape Tectonix Limited

The iconic multi-levels landscape is subtly inspired by “the phenomenon of river” reflecting the site context. It is the journey of water which “flows” from the upper terrace to the Ground.

The story begins once the resident approach to the garden. There are three major elements: iconic lawn, water feature and garden path. The water feature cascades down from the upper level as a welcome element creating sense of discovery and auditory.

The water cascade is well designed in relation with the slope of walkway planned for handicapped, elderly and pedestrian to walk to the top. Either going up or walking down, water feature is the key element along the walkway.

Inspired by the phenomenon of the river, the water movements therefore conceptually generate the design framework, from gravitational force of tidal wave, the water ripple, to the mesmerized water flow.

Captivated by the unique composition of landscape designed elements, the experiences to the main garden are enclosed yet contrast to its surrounding inviting the residents to the journey in the garden.

The landscape design features the multi-leveled landscape composing a series of water feature, landforms, pathways with universal design and feature pavilions. Human senses are motivated by the design elements such as water features (sense of auditory), grass meadow (sense of touch), variety of plants (sense of sight).

On the top of the podium, there are two playhouses with lush landscape as the landmark in the garden. The residents can enjoy and overlook to the garden in the different scenes.

Not only the sloping path, but there is garden walk with steps as well. This shortcut is embraced by the grass meadow creating the “soft touch” to the garden.

The co-working pods are the feature along the garden. It is in different level and can overlook to the pleasant view.

Sky Pool, as vanishing edge pool, is designed as two pools within one pool concept creating lap pool and leisure pool. These two pools overlook to the breathtaking river view and city skyline.

Chapter One Flow | Bangkok | Thailand

Project Name: Chapter One flow

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Landscape Architect: Landscape Tectonix Limited

Collaborators: Architects: I’ll Design Studio Co.,Ltd. ; Interior: ADP

Completed year: 2022

Photographer: © SkyGround architectural film & photography

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