Central Green Space | Tangshan, China | Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment

Central Green Space is located in the center of the West area of Tangshan Railway Station (Zhanxi), a newly developed urban area of Tangshan, China. The space has a total length of 1 km and a total area of 119,000 square meters. Its east side faces Zhanxi Square, near Tangshan High-speed Railway Station, while its west side borders the Zhanxi landmark City Gate, forming a vital gateway between the area’s urban landscapes. Based on the design concept of “Growth and Fusion”, the project creates an urban green corridor linking the old and new urban areas of Tangshan. A model for new urban construction in the Zhanxi area, the Central Green Space of in the West Area of Tangshan Railway Station, represents Tangshan’s ongoing transformation from a traditional manufacturing city to a city of low carbon emissions, diversified development, and intelligent infrastructure.

In this project, the design team deeply reflected on the environmental issues brought about by urbanization. Using approaches and research findings from ecology, the Central Green Space was built as an urban green lung to help reduce carbon emissions. Shaded by abundant trees, it provides diverse activity spaces such as a public square, outdoor offices, and a theater. These features meet the demands of Tangshan residents and provide an interface for future regional development.

Applying the concept of “Growth and Fusion”, the design team divided the Central Green Space landscape design into three linear veins: ecology, culture, and convenience. The project set up an ecological base, created a diverse experiential landscape space, and implemented smart infrastructure, providing vigorous support for the future development of the area.

The Central Green Space in the West Area of Tangshan Railway Station project, as a pilot project in the new urban area of Zhanxi, is a model for projects of similar size and scope throughout China. With an eye toward the future functional needs and potential challenges of the space, this growth-oriented green landscape infrastructure was realized. While improving the daily living environment of local residents, the Central Green Space also helps the city of Tangshan make social, economic, and ecological contributions to solving the problem of climate change, and ultimately achieve its goal of carbon neutrality.

Central Green Space | Tangshan | Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment

Location: Tangshan City, Hebei Province, China

Design Firm: Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co., Ltd.

Lead Designers: Min Ying, Wang Shu, Bian Ting, Xu Wei, Jiang Yunlu

Design Team: Han Chunhui, Jin Guilong, Chen Xiao, Zhang Wenyao, Jia Yulong, Li Jianglong, Song Wei, Fu Zhixiong, Shuai Kai, Xue Jingjing

Client: Municipal Facilities Management Office of Lubei District, Tangshan City

Construction: China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. 

Photography: Dadan Studios

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