Unsustainable Seattle – Crosscut Seattle

June 10, 2008,AEDT

When you consider the carbon footprint of new construction, this city promotes growth and development policies that are wasteful, destructive, and myopic. Greens and historic preservationists need to find common cause in creating a truly sustainable urban landscape. SOURCE: Crosscut | Read More

Rain Bird educating Californians on water conservation

June 9, 2008,AEDT

As Governor Schwarzenegger Declares Drought Conditions, and Renews Call for California Residents To Use Water More Efficiently in Their Garden and Landscapes This Summer. In the face of below-average rainfall, very low snowmelt runoff and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s declaration of | Read More

MVRDV – Crowded House – NYTimes.com

June 7, 2008,AEDT

MRDV – the architects that hail from Rotterdam producing a wide variety of built and theorical work that pushes the boundaries of urban densities and how people relate and live in cities. The New York Times has produced a special Architecture | Read More

City unveils self-sustaining water centre – Metro

June 5, 2008,AEDT

It’s unmistakable and unprecedented as Calgary’s first eco-friendly and fully sustainable office building. The Water Centre “landscaper” building, as long as the Calgary Tower is high, is home to nearly 800 water treatment staff, cost $43 million to build and | Read More

Los Altos looking for a new look

June 4, 2008,AEDT

A new development, such as an office and retail building or landscaping enhancement, doesn’t suddenly appear by magic, although it may seem that way to citizens who are not paying attention. There’s often a long process, including planning, negotiating and | Read More

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