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GROUND UP is an annual print and web publication created by students in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. It is intended to stimulate thought, discussion, visual exploration and substantive speculation about emerging landscape issues affecting contemporary praxis. GROUND UP will accept submissions until February 2, 2015.

OUT WEST For centuries the West was seen as the home of the future, and the Bay Area, at the edge of the North American continent was its terminus. Over 80 cities now line the San Francisco Bay, each built on shifting sands and tidal flats, migratory populations and modernization. Here, thick fog and dry diablo winds meet over unrelenting grids, and fault lines lacerate the landscape, unseen and foreboding. As this dynamic landscape cycles through moments of abundance and scarcity, the once glittering boom town continues to reinvent itself. In Issue 04, we take our last theme, Here, and narrow its focus to the Bay Area. What does it mean to live and design in a place where flux is stasis? What are the consequences of today’s rapid, unchecked growth on near and distant futures? How will the Bay Area’s trademark innovators, activists, and prospectors shape its real or imagined landscapes?

SUBMISSION CRITERIA We are soliciting printable media up to 2500 words with accompanying graphics. Shorter entries of 500-1000 words are highly encouraged, as are design proposals, either speculative or built. We welcome video submissions for the journal’s online component, and encourage novel forms of written and artistic expression. GROUND UP will accept submissions until February 2, 2015. Notification of selected entries will be made in March.



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