Calgary announces Winter City Design Competition winners

Calgary recently held the Winter City Design Competition to explore the question, What interventions and activations could fit like a glove in Calgary’s climate and culture? The City invited designers, artists, and students each fall to imagine the possibilities for winter city design in downtown Calgary. Seeking to explore and push beyond the boundaries of what public spaces in Calgary can be during the winter season.

They have announced the 2024 competition winners as follows:

1000 Faces – Alejandro Figueroa, a prestigious artist winning such notable events as the VR contest at the Phi Center in 2016 and seizing the top spot at ArtWorkTO 2021, is the mastermind behind 1000 Faces.

Dates: January 24 to April 20,2024 at Eau Claire promenade near 6 Street SW

Please find below the corrected and clarified text:”1000 Faces” is a mesmerizing installation that hangs on a 40-foot-high arch and draws inspiration from the wonders of nature. The magnificent sphere consists of 1,779 plexiglass tiles that move independently, mimicking the rhythms of nature and creating a harmonious dance with the elements. Canadian artist +AMOR collaborates with Calgary-born artist Dillan (King Aurorus) to craft an original and captivating soundtrack that perfectly complements the installation. “1000 Faces” showcases the transformative power of public art by blending contemporary creativity with the stunning beauty of nature and local cultural influences.

1000 Faces Project team: Alejandro Figueroa, Dillan Schmitz, Robert Tita, Amélie Robitaille;

P)arc, designed by Jonathan Monfries and Madisen Killingsworth, provides a primarily visual, but also tactile and interactive experience based on the fact users traverse through the installation. 

Dates: February 2 to February 9, 2024 at 228 8 Avenue SE

The purpose of (P)arc is to establish an entrance that greets people at Olympic Plaza while also shielding them from the elements. Additionally, this initiative emphasizes sustainability by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and promoting more inclusive artistic programming.

P)arc Project team: Jonathan Monfries, Madisen Killingsworth, Mauricio Soto-Rubio;

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