Boston Architectural College announces Master of Landscape Architecture Program

The Boston Architectural College is pleased to announce the addition of a Master of Landscape Architecture Program. Approval from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for this five year professional degree program, at the graduate level, was received in November following a three-day team visit that resulted in a highly supportive report.

The Master of Landscape Architecture Program at the Boston Architectural College will promote and support faculty and student interdisciplinary research and education in the context of Boston and the surrounding areas. The School will act as a repository of knowledge and research in the exploration of public green spaces, interstitial urban spaces, geology, hydrology, urban ecology, history, and culture in the greater Boston area. While the programs emphasis will be on the urban condition, the breadth of knowledge and research will extend to the Charles River and Mystic River Watersheds, the state, the region, and the Northeast Corridor.

The School of Landscape Architecture will provide outreach and support to the greater Boston area through research programs that focus on emerging design issues in innovative interdisciplinary projects that enhance neighborhood and community sustainability and develop new knowledge that prepares our next generation of design professionals.

The Landscape Architecture Program at the Boston Architectural College has already been active in supporting these goals with assisting with the re-landscaping of the Neutral Ground on Tupelo Street in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, accomplishing funded Olmsted Archive historic research for the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, restoring planting design for the Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy, working with the Charles River Watershed Association, designing a Green Alleys initiative in Boston, and participating in the Department of Energy Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC. A public Art Inventory was completed by high school students, utilizing the Boston Youth Fund. The Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture will allow the BAC to continue its work in these venues and expand upon the body of knowledge in landscape architecture.

Landscape architecture education at the Boston Architectural College is in the tradition of concurrent education. The design studio and work in practice provide the backbone for learning that fosters and cultivates skills required for informed decision-making at a variety of scales. Since the Landscape Architecture School at the Boston Architectural College is fortunate to be located in one of the most vital urban centers in the United States, the school is committed to using the Boston metropolitan area as an urban laboratory to explore and research issues of sustainable landscapes at a range of scales that include the city, the surrounding watersheds, the region and the entire Northeast Corridor. The School of Landscape Architecture supports and promotes research that includes practice-based and practice oriented research.

President Ted Landsmark comments: “The BACs professional degree offerings now encompass all aspects of the built and natural environment — landscape architecture, architecture, and interior design — for both new and advanced students. Interdisciplinary professional studies are now available to Bachelors and Masters students, making the BAC one of a handful of American schools offering this broad range of environmental design options. Our landscape design programs encompass studies from soils and plant identification, to landscape history and preservation, and art in urban environments. In conjunction with our Landscape Institute, these courses provide unparalleled opportunities in and beyond Boston to study sustainability and the enhancement of urban environments. Special thanks go to Landscape Architecture Program head Pat Loheed, whose decades of dedicated teaching and service to the BAC are now capped with her thoughtful stewarding of the growth of our landscape programs, and with the successful establishment of both our Bachelors and Masters Landscape Architecture professional programs.”

Source: Boston Architectural College.

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