BMW & Landscape Forms partner for site furniture

Metro40 from BMW DesignworksUSA & Landscape Forms
Metro40 from BMW DesignworksUSA & Landscape Forms

BMW Designworks USA are usually associated with luxury cars and other car designs such as the MINI have joined with Landscape Forms to design and manufacture site furniture for outdoor spaces.  This first collaboration creates a range of essential furnishing elements for urban transit cores. The global collection which will be sold under the name Metro40 is the most complete collection on the market and includes furniture, shelters, lighting, and amenities, and has been developed for use by city planners and architects to help global urban centers elevate the livability, quality of experience, design appeal and overall image of their public transit systems.

“Bringing great design to public, seemingly anonymous spaces such as transit shelters promotes a very positive, personal impact on people’s moods and daily quality of life,” says Verena Kloos, President, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “Urban gentrification projects such as the new High Line park in Lower
Manhattan demonstrate the importance and value of making cities more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for their citizens, and the exploration of this dynamic made the Metro40 project with Landscape Forms particularly compelling for DesignworksUSA,” she concludes.

BMW Designworks USA not only designs cars and site furniture but has also provides design strategy, research, development, sustainability consulting, brand communications, 3D modeling, and color,
materials, and finish to many of the world’s great brands.

Landscape Forms is the industry’s leader in design and manufacture of site furniture, outdoor lighting and accessories, and was recently named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 15 Small Workplaces in the United States.

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  1. Interesting perspective. DesignworksUSA is 35 year company who have designed mobile phones, seats, dental chairs, a great number of other industrial designs which they have had great success. Some of their design often set the trend in industrial and interior furniture design. Designworks USA was acquired by BMW in 1995 and now known as BMW DeisgnworksUSA.

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