ASLA releases statement on the United Nations COP 25 meeting

This meeting almost didn’t happen – there were many challenges and obstacles to face. But organizers and world leaders made an important choice: We can’t wait for tomorrow to make decisions about a climate crisis that threatens the health, well-being, and survival of people and communities in every nation on Earth right now.  

Sea levels are rising. Wildfires and severe storms are becoming increasingly intense and frequent. Climate change is real, it is happening now, and ASLA supports the United Nations’ dedication to addressing the climate crisis before us. 

ASLA is a proud signatory of the We Are Still In Declaration, calling on U.S. leaders to fulfill the nation’s commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement. We were disappointed that this Administration filed official paperwork to withdraw the U.S. from that agreement, and sincerely hope they reverse this decision. 

Landscape architects understand that “climate change” isn’t just a term on a page – it’s a constant reality in their work. They use nature-based solutions to plan and design projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make communities more resilient to climate impacts. They design green roofs, green complete streets, living shorelines, and other forms of green infrastructure projects that both sequester greenhouse gases and manage water and air quality.

Landscape architects, working with nature, design smart climate solutions for all communities – and those are exactly the kind of solutions we need right now. ASLA is proud to support the goals and principles of the COP 25 and urge all leaders in the United States and around the world to act with a profound sense of urgency merited by the crisis we face.


Cover image: Supplied by ASLA

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