ASLA launch Climate Action guide

ASLA and the ASLA Climate Action Committee (CAC) have released Climate Action Now: A Landscape Architect’s Guide to Climate Advocacy.

Landscape architects can advance climate action on multiple fronts at once. The CAC in partnership with ASLA has provided a guide on how to expand our collective advocacy efforts to shape the future of local communities now. Local climate advocacy, rooted in local climate issues, can plant the seeds for broader change.

The purpose of this guide is to help landscape architecture professionals become better climate advocates individually, as well as through firms, public institutions, non-profit organizations and community groups, and ASLA’s chapters and the national organization.

Climate action starts with making an individual commitment. You‚ as a landscape architect, designer, researcher, and educator, have a large sphere of influence. You can take action through your workplace, at your children’s school, at your local town hall or city council meeting, with non-profit organizations, and at the state and federal levels.

A team of members from the ASLA Climate Action Committee authored and contributed to the guide.

Sarah Fitzgerald, Associate ASLA
Madeline Kirschner, Student ASLA
Chingwen Cheng, ASLA
Pamela Conrad, ASLA

David Evans, Student ASLA
Elyna Grapstein, Student ASLA
Alexa Bush, ASLA
April Philips, FASLA

Learn more about ASLA’s Climate Action Committee and explore all of ASLA’s Climate Action resources.

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