AILA launches online network to support parents balance their careers

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) has launched a new online network to support parents and expecting parents to balance their career. 

The Parent in Landscape Architecture Network (PLAN) will be administered through a private LinkedIn group. The network aims to have a group of individuals who discuss openly, non-judgementally and confidentially the challenges and rewards family life can have on a career in landscape architecture.

AILA Chief Executive Tim Arnold commented “Many members have requested AILA to provide a platform that supports parents practising landscape architecture.” 

 “We pride ourselves on being an organisation that can supports members during different stages of their career and this network is an extension of that support.”

The network will cover topics like rights for pregnant women in the workplace, leave entitlements for parents, transitioning back into the workforce, challenges and information about being a parent. 

AILA’s Gender Equity Working Group will provide advice and support on information that could be shared on PLAN. 

Once the network becomes more developed AILA will consider implementing more formal mentorship programs and face-to-face meetings of the Network. 

AILA has appointed AILA member Debbie Laporte to help facilitate discussion and to moderate the network to ensure the community remains safe and complies with the community guidelines. 

Click here to request to join PLAN 

Cover Image: – CC BY 2.0 via Flickr – Rawpixel Ltd