AILA launches ‘Be a Landscape Architect’ initiative

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of careers in landscape architecture. 

Be a Landscape Architect provides a platform and resources to explain the profession, one that is increasingly leading projects and outcomes that shape our cities and town. 

“We are aware that there are already a lot of landscape architects who are involved in their local school or career expo,” said AILA Chief Executive Officer, Tim Arnold.

“This campaign is designed to provide some resources and support to those active members and hopefully inspire more people to join the push to profile the work of landscape architects in our communities. 

“The campaign provides an underpinning digital marketing push to help with reaching the next generation of landscape architects. By profiling the profession to high school students, we will be a step closer to securing the future workforce.”

The program has been endorsed by the nine university partners who offer landscape architecture courses across the country. 

The launch of the digital marketing campaign coincides with the call for AILA members to become Ambassadors and help with face to face interaction with schools and students. More information on the Ambassador aspect of the program can be found here .

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