AECOM win Street 11 competition

Wining Entry - Earth Central by AECOM

The winner of Street 11 Competition, to redesign the main street of Lilydale was announced today with the winning entry being awarded to Earth Central by AECOM. The Street 11 Competition was organised by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. The competition challenged entrants to redesign the main street of Lilydale to create an attractive and environmentally sustainable, pedestrian oriented town centre.

A total of thirteen submissions were received and all submissions addressed the Assessment Criteria. The jury received digital files five days prior to the closed judging session at the University of Melbourne. This process involved short listing the entries into the top five submissions for further review and discussion. After vigorous debate regarding the entries the two finalists were selected. The jury would like to thank and congratulate all entrants for their contribution to the future of both Lilydale, and the profession of Landscape Architecture.

Wining Entry Logo - Earth Central by AECOM

WINNER – First Prize
Earth Central by AECOM is a proposition that intensifies both density and amenity through substantial physical change to the fabric of the Township. The jury was impressed by the clear and understandable representation of the Transport Hub, Central Park and the Living Street. Earth Central thinks big to demonstrate a realizable approach to social, economic and ecological development. The strength of this scheme lies in its ability to challenge the symmetry of the street, creating a new town centre focused around a central park.

“Main streets across Melbourne are playing an increasingly important role in our city” said Kirsten Bauer, President of the Victorian Chapter of AILA. “They are no longer just places to buy bread and drop off dry cleaning – well designed main streets are important community destinations and social hubs for our suburbs.”

“Landscape Architects are experts in the design of public streets and spaces”, she said. “Across Melbourne, Landscape Architects are working with communities, local governments and retailers to revitalise urban centres such as Lilydale.”

WINNER – Best Urban Tactic Diagram by Office of Other Spaces
WINNER – Best Urban Tactic Logo by Office of Other Spaces

WINNER – Best Urban Tactic
Made in Lilydale by Office of Other Spaces, proposes a social tactic of participation and activity, supported by a quantifiable projection of the physical changes needed to make change happen. The jury was attracted to the thoughtful emphasis on relationships, and the analogy of the street-asecosystem. Made in Lilydale forces us to consider local ingenuity as a strategic device. It advocates a scientific approach to soft infrastructure – a social framework – that benefits from hard work, patience and resilience.

A jury of leading Landscape Architects and academics selected Earth Central by AECOM as the winner from a field of quality entries. A commendation was awarded for the ‘best urban tactic’ won by Made in Lilydale by Office of Other Spaces.

The judges included:
Professor Gini Lee, Elisabeth Murdoch Chair of Landscape Architecture, University of Melbourne
Lorrae Wild, Principal Landscape Architect, VicRoads
Jane Sinnamon, Manager Capital Works & Urban Planning, Shire of Yarra Ranges
Jill Garner, The Associate Victorian State Government Architect

IMAGES: Courtesy of AILA