ACTIVATE! Temporary Public Space Design Competition

ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY CHICAGO is currently running ACTIVATE! Temporary Public Space Design Competition. How can $1,000 redesign public space?

Design one or more objects that can activate a vacant site, is universally accessible, and fosters multi-generational community interaction. Objects should not be limited to furniture or seating elements such as benches. We consider other structures that make a small space seem inviting, usable, and safe to be street furniture. Including but not limited to: harvest tables, raised planters, play equipment, interactive sculptures. The goal of this installation is to continue the dialogue about open space and how design can be the catalyst for the creation of meaningful and joyful places that facilitate community engagement and are age appropriate for students in grades K-8.

Site: Reilly Elementary School
3650 West School Street Chicago


Durable to last one year in Chicago
Programmatic flexibility
Ease of construction & deconstruction
Use of readily available or reused materials
Budget: $1,000.00

ENTRIES CLOSE  February 29th, 2012

Find out more from ACTIVATE! website

WORLD LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is not involved with this competition please read all information on the design competition website and direct any questions to the organisers.