2020 | Most Read Articles

WLA has published numerous articles and editorials during 2020 that have created discourse within the profession. Here are the most-read articles of 2020.

most read articles

Landscape Architecture trends for 2020 and the coming decade
An editorial about the trends for 2020 written pre-COVID and before we saw the world change.

Donghu Park | Shanghai, China | DLC

Parks are key to maintaining mental health by Damian Holmes
Parks and open space provide a public amenity for all and the access to open space is key to the physical and mental health of citizens, especially true during a health crisis when people are feeling anxiety and stress.

Image: Kofi Boone

A republication of Kofi Boone seminal article – Black Landscapes Matter

Times Square – 20 March 2020 | credit – Flickr Dan Deluca

How will our cities change after COVID-19?
An editorial from May 2020 that sort to look at how COVID will impact our streets, plazas, parks and open spaces.

Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Introduction
Part 1 in a series by Angus Bruce, that delves into the project work of graduating Landscape Urbanism students from London’s Architecture Association School.

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