2015 American Landscape Architecture School Rankings

Every year, the American University Architecture School Rankings are released. This year has seen a shift in the rankings for Undergraduate and Graduate programs. With LSU taking top spot in Undergraduate from Pennsylvania State and Cornell rising to third swapping places with Purdue (dropping from 3rd to 7th). In the graduate program rankings sees the University of Pennyslyvania rising up the rankings from 4th to 2nd and Cornell also rising from 5th to 3rd, however Kansas State University has dropped down the rankings to 8th from 2nd.

The rankings by hiring firms also look at the various skills of recent graduates including Communication, Design, Research, Computer, Cross Disciplinary and Sustainable design. Harvard, University of Pennyslyvania and LSU constantly rank in the top 3 for all six skill rankings. For more information purchase your copy (pdf & print) of American University Architecture School Rankings from Design Intelligence.

2015  Hiring Firms Rankings


2015 School 2014
1 Lousiana State University 2
2 Pennsylvania State University 1
3 Cornell University 7
4 Cal Polytechnic State Uni., San Luis Obispo 4
4 University of Georgia 5


2015 School 2014
1 Harvard University 1
2 University of Pennsylvania 4
3 Cornell University 5
4 University of California at Berkeley 6
5 Louisiana State University 3

For more information puchase your copy of American University Architecture School Rankings from Design Intelligence