2012 LAGI competition winners announced

Scene Sensor | James Murray, Shota Vashakmadze

The organisers of LAGI,  an ideas competition to design a site-specific public artwork at Freshkills Park have announced the winners of the  2012 LAGI design competition. The winner is Scene-Sensor // Crossing Social and Ecological Flows – a series of Piezoelectric Generators (Thin Film and Embedded Wire) that can generate upto 5,500 MWh designed by James Murray and Shota Vashakmadze from Atlanta, USA.

Winners, James Murray and Shota Vashakmadzed describe the design as “Key interactions of human and ecological energies, above and below the surface of Freshkills, drive complex environmental flows, allowing us to question how to sense, channel, and harness their energies in a productive tension, revealing their interconnected fluctuations in beneficial ways. Scene-Sensor situates itself at the intersection of flows joining and separating opposing landforms: as a channel screen, harnessing the flows of wind through the tidal artery, and as vantage points, staging crosswise pedestrian flows through the park, the two acting in combination as a mirror-window, reflecting and revealing the scene of Freshkills’ fluctuating landscape back to itself”

Fresh Hills | Matthew Rosenberg

2nd Place Winner for LAGI 2012:
Fresh Hills

Artist Team: Matthew Rosenberg Structural Engineering Consultant: Matt Melnyk Production Assistants: Emmy Maruta, Robbie Eleazer Artist Location: Los Angeles, USA 
Energy Technologies:
 WindTamer, Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, SmartWrap 
Annual Capacity:
 238 MWh

Artist Descriptive Text: As we approach Fresh Hills, the undulating mounds appear to be natural elements growing from the earth. The closer we get, however, it is clear that this structure, like the mounds below it, are not native to the recently capped Fresh Kills Landfill site. Its form rests lightly on the existing topography and creates definition across the expansive horizon.

PIVOT | Yunxin Hu and Ben Smith

3rd Place Mention for LAGI 2012:
Artist Team:
 Yunxin Hu and Ben Smith 
Artist Location:
 Atlanta, USA 
Energy Technologies:
 Piezoelectric disks and fabric 
Annual Capacity:
 1,200 MWh

Artist Descriptive Text: Central to Freshkills’ future is the fluctuating nature of its two key conditions—the gradual sinking of its landfill and rising of its surrounding sea level—making our challenge how to transform these potential problems into opportunities for land art.

99 Red Balloons

4th Place Mention for LAGI 2012:
99 Red Balloons

Artist Team: Emeka Nnadi, Scott Rosin, Meaghan Hunter, Danielle Loeb, Kara McDowell, Indrajit Mitra, Narges Ayat, Denis Fleury
Artist Location: Winnipeg, Canada 
Energy Technologies:
 Solar panels and piezoelectric panels
Annual Capacity: 14,000 MWh

Artist Descriptive Text: 99 Red Balloons is a thoughtful proposal for a metaphorical souvenir — proof that something redeeming and beautiful can rise out of the ‘dust’ that has been placed on the land by human activity and the accumulation of society’s waste.

IMAGES & TEXT Courtesy of LAGI