Toronto: Can it break free from the Sprawl

January 17, 2011,AEST

Christopher Hume, Architecture Critic for Toronto Star writes in Hume: Resisting the Call of Sprawl Though suburbia has failed to live up to the promise, its appeal isn’t hard to understand. The damage inflicted on cities during the last 50 | Read More

Thailand: Developers focusing on Landscape Architecture

January 17, 2011,AEST

Once upon a time a good facade and interior design was all that was needed to sell apartments in Thailand. However, the market is getting very competitive with developers focusing more on Landscape Architecture to differentiate there projects from other | Read More

“The Landscape Loop”, Åndalsnes – JAJA

January 9, 2011,AEST

JAJA Architects recently shared first prize for ideas competition for the development of Åndalsnes in Norway. “The Landscape Loop” is a project that emphasizes, improves and connects the inherent qualities of Aandalsnes to one unified entity. It is a project | Read More

University Square – Ben-Gurion University

January 9, 2011,AEST

The square is located in the western part of the Ben-Gurion University campus in the city of Beer-Sheva, Israel. The existing buildings encompassing the square (the Faculty of Art, social activities and the Administration building)  and the art gallery to | Read More

Israel Road No.6 2004-2010 by Asnat Austerlitz [Video]

January 6, 2011,AEST

Asnat Austerlitz recently posted a video titled “Landscape Architecture” Landscape Architecture from Asnat Austerlitz on Vimeo. Landscape Architecture is a video that observe a short section on road no’ 6 in Israel. In this part of the road the separation wall | Read More

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