Can the Middle East ever be green?

May 11, 2008,AEST

When you talk green in the Dubai, it’s can be assumed you mean golf courses. Conservation and ecotourism are not common parlance in the United Arab Emirates. In four days at the Arabian Travel Market this week, I heard a | Read More

Going ‘green’ in landscaping

May 10, 2008,AEST

How “green” (eco-friendly) is your lawn? A truly healthy landscape is not measured by a weed-free, well-manicured lawn but by what lies beneath the surface (the condition of the soil) and the environment above the ground. Many people use chemicals | Read More

Urban Ring Meeting – Boston

May 10, 2008,AEST

CAC Meeting on Monday, May 12, from 4 to 6 PM at the Transportation Building, Conference Rooms 2-3, 10 Park Plaza, Boston.

Boris takes on Ken’s Legacy

May 10, 2008,AEST

Day one, gaffe one. Even before he officially signed on as the new London Mayor on Saturday 3 May, Boris Johnson had managed to confuse Norman Foster with Richard Rogers. Stumbling up to the podium, he mistakenly praised Rogers for | Read More

Students to gain real-world work experience in Spain

May 10, 2008,AEST

Eight Cornell architecture students in an Arch 501 studio received real-world experience this semester, working on a new community music center to be built in Valencia, Spain. Students visited the site over spring break and met with architects in Valencia. | Read More

Infrastructure to be top priority, says DPM – Malaysia

May 9, 2008,AEST

Although the country’s infrastructure is already top class, infrastructure development will continue to be a priority in the government’s agenda of nation building, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. “It is the Government’s responsibility to prepare the | Read More

Councils face tight rules on planning –

May 9, 2008,AEST

COUNCILS will be policed to ensure they consider planning laws and policies such as the Melbourne 2030 planning blueprint when dealing with new building projects. This follows a scathing report on the state’s planning approvals process by the Victorian Auditor-General’s | Read More

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