This Week in Landscape | 2 February 2014

Interesting landscape reading from across the web with some thought provoking material before you start your working week.


High Lines and park life: why more green isn’t always greener for cities | Owen Hatherley | Guardian
“Transforming old industrial areas into urban woodland may look nice but can be conterproductive[sic] in the long run” – Interesting read, but still wondering how the Highline is conterproductive[sic] in the long run.

‘Open spaces needed for meetings’ | Riyan Ramanath V, | Times of India
“Lack of such open areas inside the city is forcing communities, political, religious and social groups to use smaller spaces, which is resulting in traffic congestion on the roads.”

See How NYC Streets Got More Pedestrian-Friendly In 25 Years | Curbed NY | Zoe Rosenberg
Great images of before and after the implementation of pedestrian/bike friendly road design

How town planning can make us thin and healthy: Architects show that more green space and less housing density has a clear effect on public health | Charlie Cooper | Independent
“With responsibility for public healthcare devolved now from central Government to local authorities, it’s vital that planners and developers take the lead in ensuring healthier cities,” said. RIBA’s president, Stephen Hodder.

Interview: Jan Gehl on London, streets, cycling and creating cities for people | Dan Hill | Guardian
“The influential Danish architect is disappointed with the capital’s progress with implementation his ideas for humanising city streets but sees grounds for optimism elsewhere”

From NYC to BOI: How Walkability Contributes to City Sustainability | Robert Dalton | This Big City
“First, let’s talk about why any city should even pursue walkability to bolster its sustainability. The health of a city can be greatly boosted by a focus on improving walkability because it is a quality that most starkly reflects the economy, culture, and crime rate of a city.”

Playground Design of Yesteryear and Its Much Prettier Modern Counterparts | erika rae | Core 77
“Playgrounds are meant for fun, not broken bones and tetanus shots. Looking through the archives, images of, say, poorly fused metal monkey bars might seem more suited to heavy industry than family-friendly recreation stations.”

Synthetic or Natural – its your choice | GenusLA
“An area of lawn is often central to an Australian garden for these reasons and many more, so what are your options for installing a lawn that will suit you and your family the best?”

Image Credit | Flickr User gigi_nyc