This Week in Landscape | 5 January 2014

This Week in Landscape is back after a two week hiatus over the holiday break. We start 2014 with some great reading from the past couple of weeks.

London will have bike highways in the sky | Lloyd Alter | Treehugger
Foster & Partners releases new images of an update based on the SkyCycle scheme developed by Sam Martin’s from Exterior Architecture in 2012.

Ten new year’s resolutions for architects in 2014 | Oliver Wainwright | The Guardian
10 resolutions with some applicable to landscape architects including “Be nice to skateboarders”.

When Tech Culture And Urbanism Collide | John Tolva | Gizmodo India
An interesting piece following on from recent media about how tech don’t understand how to create cities offline.

We need a Jamie Oliver of architecture to save us from uninspiring design says Living Architecture founder Alain de Botton | Jonathan Owen | Independent
Alain de Botton is hoping their is a Jamie Oliver out there to sort out architecture in Britain, I wonder if landscape architecture needs its own Jamie Oliver?

7 Architects On How To Design For Disaster | Fast Co.
Diana Balmori, Michael Manfredi, Peter Gluck, And More Top Architects Speak Exclusively To On How To Safeguard Cities Against The Next Hurricane Sandy.

Get to the point with your garden design | Marty Ross | Kansas City Star
“Focal points are a garden’s visual resting spots. In the flashy riot and exuberance of a summer garden, they lead the eye through it all, gently imposing order on a view.”

What’s a walk in the park worth in Peru? | Annie Murphy | Christian Science Monitor
“The park, and its entrance fee, are part of a growing trend in Lima to expand access to public green space beyond upscale neighborhoods, to poorer districts.”

Designers Turn Landscape Architecture Up A Notch At Spaulding Rehabilitation | Anne DiNardo | Healthcare Design
“Healing gardens have been sprouting up at healthcare facilities as designers and owners garner a better understanding of the connection between access to nature and healing.”

The Gardener In January: A Blueprint To Fit Your Green Dreams | Adrian Higgins | Washington Post
“January might be the most important month in the garden calendar; it is the time when we can stop fussing and start thinking.”

Fourteen ways to fix the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in 2014 | Globe and Mail
“Transit, bike lanes, community interaction, a boost for the music scene … oh, and did we mention transit? We asked planners, mayors, city-builders and visionaries to share their big ideas to improve the GTA in 2014.”