This Week in Landscape | 30 March 2014

Another week of great landscape news and information from around the world……

Predicting future biodiversity under climate change | John Abraham | Guardian
“Since many species and their associated ecosystem services – which are essential to society – are threatened with the extinction due to climate change, it is essential that we develop and implement new techniques and strategies to prevent these losses from occurring.”

How to fix New York city’s parks | Alexandra Lange | New Yorker
“The city’s center of gravity has been shifting away from Manhattan for some time, creating alternative cultural, institutional, and recreational hubs in the outer boroughs.”

On Ravaged Tar Sands Lands, Big Challenges for Reclamation | Ed Struzik | Yale e360
“Like it or not, the reclamation debt is growing and it will continue to grow as oil sands companies move to double production,” says Bayley. “If this continues without a clear wetlands reclamation policy, we will have more than 65 percent less peatland and very little of the plant and animal life that existed there in the past.”

Marian Coffin a female landscaping pioneer | Moira Sheridan | Delaware Online
“As one of a handful of female landscape architects in an arena dominated by men, she made a successful living designing landscapes in the first half of the 20th century.”

Philadelphia Pedestrian Plaza Welcomed by 98% of Neighbors | Angie Schmitt | StreetsBlog Network
“Inspired by New York City, Philadelphia has created its own pedestrian plaza program. Unfortunately, Philadelphia’s ambitions have so far been hindered by some pretty zealous restrictions, like one that would require 100 percent of adjacent property owners to agree to the change.”

Where the Alps are a 3D-Printed landscape made from artificial snow | BLDG BLOG
“The shaping of the mountain landscape—so easily mistaken for nature—exhibits obvious features of artificiality, including careful lines and striated grooves resulting from deposition, sculpting, and maintenance.”

Ecological Thought in North America | Emerging Territories
“However, at the beginning of the 21st century, the notion of North America as an ecological-environmental unity is far from being conceptualized as the single, interconnected, interdependent environment that it embodies.”

Multi-million pound plan to transform Craigmillar | Edinburgh News
The designs show the masterplan for the new high school, civic square, shopping centre and 300 homes earmarked for the 50 acre site.

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