This Week In Landscape | 27 October 2013

Storm damage along the New Jersey coast. Photo credit | Greg Thompson/USFWS

One year on from Hurricane Sandy and what have we learnt
Perspective: How My Firm Saved Brooklyn Bridge Park From Sandy’s Fury | Michael Van Valkenburgh | Fast.Co.Design
“We should aim to incorporate more flexibility and potential for dynamic change into how we build–especially working collaboratively with our clients and those who will maintain the built projects.”

Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later | James S. Russell | Architectural Record
“While victims struggle to rebuild, architects plan for the next Big One.”

EXHIBITION | Museum of the City of New York Presents Hurricane Sandy Photography Exhibition on One-Year Anniversary | October 29-March 2
Rising Waters” is an exhibition of photographs taken in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island that capture the super-storm, the damage, and the aftermath. The Exhibition culled from over 10,000 images sent by over 1,000 people; both professional photographers. The exhibition includes a SOLD OUT event URGENT: New York Perspectives on Resilience co-sponsored by The Architectural League of New York, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and Island Press.

In other landscape news
Landscape architects well represented on London design panel | Landscape Institute
Several landscape architects are among the 14 practices to have been appointed in the public realm and landscape category of the Greater London Authority’s and Transport for London’s Architecture, Design and Urbanism Panel.

Reimagining Detroit: Are Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon ignoring Detroit’s best hope? | John Gallagher | Detroit Free Press
“I don’t know how many cities have outsourced their planning department,” Duggan said. “If you’re not holding the mayor accountable for the vision of the city’s future, why are you electing a mayor?”

Perfecting bike share: Some day we’ll all ride to work | Henry Grabar | Salon

Urban Design for Climate Change- The Third Way | Jim Bliesner | San Diego Free Press
“Ideas for linking urban design and healthy communities”

Rising Waters: How Fast and How Far Will Sea Levels Rise? | Nicola Jones | Yale e360
“Although the latest U.N. climate report significantly increases its projections for sea level rise this century, some scientists warn even those estimates are overly conservative”

Grand design for Christchurch urban village | Kurt Bayer | New Zealand Herald
“An Italian design consortium has won a global Grand Designs competition to build a new urban village as part of post-earthquake Christchurch’s rebuilt city centre”

New Native Shrubs Show Promise for Landscape, Nursery Industries | Science Daily
“As consumer interest in native plants increases, nursery growers are challenged to expand their product range by adding new native species to their collections. Surveys have indicated that landscape architects and master gardeners would like to use more native plants…”

IMAGE CREDIT | Flickr USFWS | Greg Thompson/USFWS