This Week in Landscape | 15 December 2013

The last edition of  This Week In Landscape for 2013 summarising the weekly landscape news

A Successful Push to Restore Europe’s Long-Abused Rivers | Fred Pearce | Yale e360
“From the industrial cities of Britain to the forests of Sweden, from the plains of Spain to the shores of the Black Sea, Europe is restoring its rivers to their natural glory.”

Israel Inaugurates First Memorial to Gay Holocaust Victims in Tel Aviv | Forward
“The memorial was planned by the landscape architect Prof. Yael Moriah, who has been in charge in recent years of the renovation of Gan Meir. It consists of three triangles – the symbol of the gay community. ”

Designs on King’s Cross | Dan Pearson | Guardian
“Creating a new public garden near London’s King’s Cross station reminds Dan why autumn is his favourite time of year for planting”

Jan Gehl Laments Starchitects’ Focus on Form | Rich Heap | Future Cities
“The architects have been utterly confused. We have seen an increasing focus on form. Architects are now competing on form.”

Royal Gardener Planted The Seed Of Urban Planning At Versailles | Eleanor Beardsley | NPR
“Le Notre transformed the profession of gardener into a high-level royal service and turned his trade into a grand art,” Moulin says.

How to Design a Happier City | Eric Jaffe | Atlantic Cities
Eric interviews Charles Montgomery about his new book, Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design

Urban planning: Lessons from the pioneers | Alex Bozikovic | Globe & Mail
“A fascinating new exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal makes a case that modernist planners of the 1940s and 1950s were much more sensitive and practical”

Planning will prevent most of your landscaping mistakes | Jim McLain | Yakima Herald
“The biggest mistake many of us make is to neglect planning before we start planting. Not surprisingly, most of the multitude of other mistakes we often make can be traced back to the lack of proper planning.”

Forget Organic: This Farmer Has 100 Types Of Fruit Trees In His Permaculture Orchard | Adele Peters | Fast Company
“Sobkowiak runs Miracle Farms, a 12-acre apple orchard near Montreal. Unlike a typical organic orchard, which might grow just a few varieties of apples, he’s built up some true diversity: 100 cultivars of fruit trees…”

The Garden Life: Latin names worth the time when gardening | Robb Rosser | The Columbian
“When you use the Latin nomenclature of a plant, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. Therefore, if you want a specific plant that you saw in someone else’s garden….”