This Week In Landscape | 1 September 2013

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Infrared Image New York | Image Credit Nickolay Lamm @

Infrared Photos Reveal the Brutal Urban Heatscape | Wired  When summer temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels, cities take a bigger beating than the rest of the landscape. This urban heat effect is especially brutal in big, dense, concrete-dominated cities like New York.

Local landscape architect calls for improved landscape quality | James Qualtrough | Isle News
“‘It’s never been more important to plant trees in gardens, streets and parks. We need to introduce better planning and management of our green areas to encourage more people to take action.”

Native plants are a priority | Rebecca Trigger | The West Australian
Landscape architects are looking to native species as they manage restricted water access in a drying climate.

Delhi’s upcoming park to rival New York’s Central Park | The Economic Times
“In a tangle of forgotten, overgrown brush in the heart of India’s capital, a quiet plan has been hatched to change the landscape of one of the world’s most populous cities.An intricate Mughal garden is being created.”

Green Team Part 18: Why Grow This, When You Can Grow That? | Zeina G Zahalan | Metropolis Magazine
“While aesthetics are a key aspect of any design, it is imperative that a material—plant or otherwise—be selected for use on that unique site and be suited to its conditions.”

Art along the Emscher River, Germany | Topos
The second instalment of the EMSCHERKUNST exhibition series along the banks of the Emscher River invites guests on a journey of art discovery at unexpected locations in the public sphere (on display until October 6).

Put people before cars in Hong Kong development, says designer | SCMP
“Hong Kong’s development has been driven by cars instead of people, and a change of mindset by the government is vital to improve the city’s quality of life.”

The National Trust’s top ten secret walks | Sophie Campbell | Telegraph The Great British Walk festival runs from September 1 to November 3 2013, featuring walks and events at hundreds of the properties, woodlands and coastlines that the National Trust preserves. Looking for more updates during the week? 
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