Landscaping With a Lighter Touch –

October 29, 2009,AEDT

A recent article by William L. Hamilton at the New York Times about landscaping enhancing property values interviewed some landscape architects and clients and many drew the conclusion that people are heading towards more low maintenance gardens with few features. Out with the outdoor kitchen and in with the kitchen garden. More | Read More

Bulldozing Cities – GOOD.IS

October 11, 2009,AEDT

Dan Kildee is the treasurer of Genessee County, Michigan, the county which contains the city of Flint. His recently written a guest post at He starts his post The quality of a city is determined by what life is like for the people who live there—not by how many | Read More

America’s urban parks renewal

September 7, 2009,AEDT

Neal Peirce of the Seattle Times has written an op-ed piece about the reawakening of America’s urban parks stating that if there were ever a bonanza decade for America’s parks, this is surely it. Add stunning new parks in Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver and Santa Fe, plus the success of | Read More

High Speed Rail gathering speed – Op-ed

August 26, 2009,AEDT

News in the USA and UK over the last few days has been humming about High Speed Rail initiatives in both countries. In the USA news is reaching fever pitch over High Speed Rail as the details of submissions for the US Government’s $8 billion high speed rail initiative start | Read More

County so short of cash its closing parks

August 18, 2009,AEDT

King County announced that they are going to close 39 parks to cut $4.6million from the $56.4 million budget shortfall for 2010. Some of these parks had been newly upgraded such as White Center Park(2007 upgrade). All of the 39 park land will remain open however not maintained and in | Read More

Kentucky surface mined mountains whats left behind?

August 17, 2009,AEDT

Bill Estep of the Lexington Herald Leader at has written the interesting article titled The plan: Plant 125 million trees which is the first in a an occasional series of stories about what happens to the land left behind after the mountains have been mined. A group promoting reforestation | Read More

Designs on Policy – Allison Arieff Blog –

July 21, 2009,AEDT

A great opinion piece about a need for a Design Policy by Allison Arieff  of the Some designers I spoke to are less than thrilled with the whole design policy idea. An architect said emphatically, “Good design needs no spokesperson, needs no voice other than itself.” Yet I’m not | Read More

10.7 Billion Trips Taken On U.S. Public Transportation In 2008 – APTA

March 9, 2009,AEDT

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) reports “Despite falling gas prices and an economic recession, increasing numbers of Americans took 10.7 billion trips on public transportation in 2008, the highest level of ridership in 52 years and a modern ridership record, according to a report released today by the American Public | Read More

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