The Advantages of High Density

High Density cities have there advantages include convenience, access to transport, reduction in services & infrastructure. Prathima Manohar has outlined more advantages & challenges in a recent post – The Advantages of High Density at Urban Vision

Urbanism – trying to balance wants & needs

Kaid Benfield in his recent post for Switchboard asks “How much Urbanism is enough?”. What is the right balance of walkability and nature? What is your a person who need to retreat from the urban environment? How do we balance transit with driving cars solo?  Kaid looks at various challenges we face in creating cities which create a walkable, green city.

Read more at [Switchboard]

Essays on Provocative Urbanism

Chuck Wolfe of myurbanist blog has compiled 10 chapters  to create the myurbanist reader: essays on provocative urbanism to celebrate the one year of myurbanist. The book is available in three formats – ebook (PDF), online scrolling and paperback from fastpencil.  Go to myurbanist to get your downloadable version today.

Chuck Wolfe is also giving a Vignettes of Provocative Urbanism in Seattle today(December 9) at 12:30pm at GGLO Space at the Steps, 1301 First Ave., Level A. for more details goto Next Brown Bag: Vignettes of Provocative Urbanism

Guy Horton interviews author Witold Rybczynski about ‘Makeshift Metropolis’

Guy Horton, architecture critic at the Huffington Post recently interviewed Witold Rybczynski author of Makeshift Metropolis: Ideas About Cities (amazon affiliate link) and Professor of Urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania. Guy and Witold discuss his interest in architectural writing including his 15 books and his architecture critic column at Slate.

During the interview they discuss new cities in Middle East and China along with architectural profession, however the main focus is his new book  Makeshift Metropolis: Ideas About Cities which is about American cities.

When Witold is asked about his book  – Frederick Law Olmsted, A Clearing in the Distance he gives the following statement that would make any landscape architect smile.

I think that landscape architects, by training and temperament (they are realistic about nature, they take the long view, they understand ecology and human behaviour, etc), can make very good planners, better than city planners, and much better than architects.

An interesting interview and gives some great insight about cities.

Read the full interview at Huffington Post: Witold Rybczynski’s Compelling Makeshift World by Guy Horton

Article found via a tweet from @talklandscape on twitter

Architect Michael Maltzan On Where Cities Are Going – Curbed LA

Adrian Glick Kudler of Curbed LA has written a great post and synopsis of LAPL’s ALOUD The Contemporary City: Urbanism in Flux

Los Angeles Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne spoke with beloved local architect Michael Maltzan at the Central Library Tuesday night……
……And this was what Maltzan was getting at the whole discussion–that architecture can’t be about the “large, singular gesture” anymore……

read the full post at the SOURCE: Curbed LA: Architect Michael Maltzan On Where Cities Are Going

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