New London Landscape website launched

The Landscape Institute has launched a new website – New London Landscape. The website was inspired by the Highline for London design competition and is a showcase of green infrastructure ideas for the capital. New London Landscape allows visitors to explore the 100 previously unseen designs from the recent ‘High Line for London’ competition. The showcase offers a critique of the capital’s existing green infrastructure and suggests a 100 possible futures. The website maps each of the projects and also gives a details of each project. Users can also browse through the projects by category including bio-diversity, connectivity, new parks, lost rivers, transport, urban greening and water.

More information at  New London Landscape.

bimbaum + flowerflash by xarchitekten + henning grahn

bimbaum by xarchitekten + henning grahn

bimbaum ©xarchitekten + henning grahn

The city of vienna is working on a general concept for urban development goals, to be reached by 2020. Within this context an open competition was launched, aimed at finding and developing ‘urban oases’. The winning projects are the ‘bimbaum’ and the ‘flowerflash’ by xarchitekten + henning grahn. The projects offer new strategies for temporary and flexible plantation in addition to conventional greening. they activate urban sites which are not adequate for permanent vegetation.

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