Fishing Boat Harbor and River | Liopetri Cyprus | Zomas Alexandros et al

The site is located at the shore of south eastern Cyprus, between the towns of Larnaca and Agia Napa and it measures 42 hectares. It is predominantly agricultural and aligned on either sides of a dry river bed that reaches the sea at a point where a natural fiord like bay is formed. The diverse geological surroundings and the ragged Mediterranean flora of the area form an undoubted unique landscape.

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Taipei to hold Internation Flora Expo in 2010

Taipei, Taiwan will hold a International Gardening and Horticulture Expo from the Nov. 6, 2010 to April 25, 2011. The expo will showcase the indigenous vegetation and be a unique fusion of horticulture and technology. The Expo site is 91.8 hectacres with 14 pavillions and four areas featuring different themes. With a budget for the Expo is The NT$3.53 billion it is expected to help Taiwan’s horticulture sector boost its production value by 23 percent.

SOURCE: Taiwan News Online – Taipei hopes to impress with 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo -

Answers About New York’s Flora – NY Times

Dr. Gerry Moore, director of science for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden answered questions from New York Times readers about the Flora of New York in a three part series.


Part 1: About New York’s Flora

Part 2: About New York’s Flora

Part 3: About New York’s Flora

SOURCE: New York Times