Johns Hopkins Hospital | Baltimore USA | OLIN

Johns Hopkins Hospital | Baltimore USA | OLIN

OLIN has created the site design for The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s new patient care building in Baltimore, Maryland. The gardens, including the Entry Court Gardens, the Western Courtyard Gardens, the Phipps Courtyard and the Little Prince Garden, along with the soaring lobbies, a handpicked art collection and cheerful-light filled patient rooms are designed to provide a welcome and caring environment to advance the healing process. The $1.1billion building was dedicated on April 12, 2012.

best private plots – International Design Competition

The award best private plots – Die besten Gärten 2012 recognizes exemplary design of sustainable private outdoor spaces, highlighting the garden as a place of innovation, as a space for creative expression and action, and as contemporary dialogue between architecture, ecology and landscape.

The competition is being held for the 5th time since 2006. The award criteria include: idea, conceptual and artistic quality, ecological quality, use of plants and materials, relationship between inside and outside, delimitation of space and organization of open space, technical planning and sustainability. Special attention will also be given to individual functionality and diversity of use. The outdoor space must be clearly identifiable as intended for private residence and use.

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