FijnPlein (Fair Square) – Beijum Oost | MD Landschapsarchitecten

FijnPlein-MD Landschapsarchitecten

MIX Option - FijnPlein | © MD Landschapsarchitecten

A few years ago, the shopping centre in Beijum Oost was completely renovated. One of the most important interventions was the creation of a square. However, this square is experienced as being extremely empty, stony and unpleasant. For this reason, the City Council reserved a budget to make the square a more agreeable place to be.

Commissioned by the Council, Platform Gras (Architecture Institute Groningen), in conjunction with the residents of the area, organized an event called ‘architect for a day’. On that day, MD Landschapsarchitecten and pvanb architecten encouraged and enabled residents to draw their wishes and ideas for the square.

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