Rebuilding cities – Down To Earth magazine

July 21, 2009,AEDT

Down To Earth magazine has published a great article by Yogesh Saaji & Jonathan Smulian (Wallace Roberts and Todd) about the urban renewal in Indian cities: Contrasts in living standards in India make it imperative that urban planning ensures equitable distribution of employment avenues, housing and basic infrastructure. Affordable transport | Read More

Density, transparency of cities through photos – Hurriyet Daily News

July 1, 2009,AEDT

Hurriyet Daily News reports ISTANBUL – Images in which the concentration of the Asian population is visible through the architecture of Hong Kong are presented in two series, ‘Transparent City’ and ‘Architecture of Density,’ in Istanbul’s Çukurcuma. Density, transparency of cities through photos Hong Kong architectural aesthetics and the often-overlooked | Read More

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