Landscape Masterplan for IZOLYATSIA – Regeneration Project in Donetsk

Landscape Masterplan for IZOLYATSIA

FoRM associates and AID Architects were appointed to deliver an architectural and landscape transformation of a former industrial site in Donetsk, an important industrial centre for coal and steel in Ukraine. The first phase will deliver an experimental Arts centre located in the unique context of a new circular park incorporating a 45m high slag heap. The main aim of this ambitious project funded and organized by an independent foundation is to create a hub of cultural excellence as well as deliver a social, economic and ecological transformation of a post industrial landscape. The IZOLYATSIA project aims to foster a dynamic environment emphasising the creative process, investigation and cultural production. As a place encouraging creative risk IZOLYATSIA in its unique setting will actively encourage an open environment of interaction and dialogue within the context of cultural experimentation and enterprise.

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