Situate Sculpture Project – Shortlist for international sculpture project announced

The jury of the situate competition – an international sculpture competition offering $1million for an artwork to transform Perth’s Forrest Place- have narrowed down 202 entries received from 33 countries to five shortlisted entrants.

The following entries have been selected as finalists:

Jean-Bernard Métais, Artist
Courdemanche, France

Dimmity Walker, Architect; Michael Patroni, Architect; David Walker, Artist
Perth, Australia

Fran Dibble, Artists; Paul Dibble, Artists; John Hardwick-Smith, Architect
Palmerston North, New Zealand

James Angus, Artist; Doug Knox, Consulting Engineer; Peter Mclean, Lighting Design
Sydney, Australia

Richard Giblett, Artist; Matthew Herbert, Architect; Jan Vastesaeger, Architect
Melbourne, Australia

SOURCE: Situate Sculpture Project – Shortlist for international sculpture project announced

  • Totally agreed. Pure marketing acrobatics. Good exposure for the ozzies though. Great practice for the local designers. However, not so beneficial for the overall design….
    A chinesse competition would have been more transparent.

    Watch out for Australian ‘competitions’ in the future.

  • etx

    The Australian affair, even if it was organized by a Government official body, turned out to be simply an embarassing expression of the Australian frustration of not being “international” enough… The results for the first stage were: 4 out of 5 of the shortlisted entries were from Australia and NewZealand. All this, in spite of the fact that, according to the organizers themselves, only 1 third of the total number of entries were originated in Australia…

    Judge for yourselves.