Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
Working closely with BGPA, PLAN E has created a unique landscape upgrade at the southern end of the Western Australia Botanic Garden . The Place of Reflection is designed to be a tranquil place; a landmark location where all people who have suffered loss or trauma can seek understanding, peace, healing, hope and renewal.

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
This striking landscape includes a new pavilion and contemplation platforms overlooking the gardens and bushland of the Mt Eliza Escarpment. Visitors can experience spectacular framed views of the Swan and Canning Rivers across to the hills of the Darling Scarp within the protective calm and peace of the bushland setting. The memorial takes the form a serpentine path of interpretation, woven into the existing network of paths and Botanic displays. Sculpted seating niches nestled along the path offer visitors private moments of contemplation and stunning views along the interpretive walk. Finally the pavilion provides a climactic stop and allows for large gatherings.

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
The pavilion is predominantly constructed from steel including decorative filigree screens with a copper finish. The screens are also placed at the contemplation decks and include laser cut patterns of a Western Australian Eucalypt. All decking and timber lining in the pavilion is constructed using recycled seasoned jarrah.
The Place of Reflection is an elegant, accessible and inclusive community facility in the world renowned Western Australian Botanic Garden, which further adds to the long term significance of the Park.
Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
By entering the Place of Reflection, people are in the heart of nature where the sun, dramatic skies, poetic shifts of light and shade, the flow of water and breezes, the sounds of birds and the fragrances of the Australian bush envelop you. The Place of Reflection has a timeless quality that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
Location | Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth, Western Australia
Landscape Architects | PLAN E
Client | Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA), Western Australia
Consultants/ Contractors | ETC Electrical Engineering | McDonald Jones Architects
Earthcare | Total Constructions
Photographer | Richard Gale, Gale Force Photography

Awards | Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture, Western Australia – 2012 Design Award of Excellence for Landscape Architecture




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