St. Tropez Estate | St. Tropez, France | DR+A and SGI

Perched on a serene hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean, the St. Tropez property is being revisioned into a cohesive development that reflects both its unique setting and modern vision of a country estate. The consolidated property dates from the 1970’s and is split into two separate properties by title on a single undivided plot of land that is approximately seven hectares. The property is primarily a wooded parkland with commanding views of the surrounding region and is located minutes away from the well-known Mediterranean resort town.
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Breaking The Edge: Reclaiming Detroit’s Riverfront | VolumeOne Design Studio


The Detroit River and the riverfront have been instrumental in the development of the city of Detroit. From the initial settlement as a French fort in 1701 through the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 and the rise of importance of Detroit as a major shipping port to the industrial heyday of the first half of the twentieth century, the riverfront remained a vibrant and essential feature of the urban fabric. Today, the riverfront is a disconnected urban asset, hidden from the center of the city behind major streets, parking lots, large buildings, and a mostly desolate urban plaza. Efforts to clean up the riverfront have relied mostly on beautification strategies and have not addressed the most pressing issue: the need to reconnect the Detroit Riverfront to the city. Hart Plaza, no longer serves as the “Heart of Detroit.” Designed in 1975 for large public festivals, Hart Plaza has hosted many important festivities, but most of the prominent events have since moved to other places in the city, which are more appropriate in scale or location, leaving behind a valuable urban space with enormous social potential.

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Pearl of Istanbul | Turkey | Forum Studio


Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul has long been an amalgam of cultures and a record of civilizations past and present. Today, Istanbul is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Expanding democracy, global investment, and abundant tourism are reshaping the region for generations to come. The Pearl of Istanbul is at the heart of this transformation. Envisioned by Turkey’s business and civic leaders, championed by Istanbul’s Mayor, and designed by the urban planning team, the Pearl marks Istanbul’s arrival as a global destination.

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St Vincent Plaza in Glasgow launches public realm

LDA Design were the Landscape Architects for the public realm scheme which forms part of the St Vincent Plaza development in Glasgow. The completion of this significant public space within the heart of the city marks LDA Design’s first constructed public realm project in Scotland. The space will be formally opened to the public when practical completion of the building is fully completed in September.

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SILA| 2015 Student Awards Call for Entries

The Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects is calling for entries for its annual Student Awards. The theme of the 2015 Awards is ‘Beyond Just Green’ epitomises the
intellectual rigor of the profession, inspiring creative design solutions within parameters determined by research and analysis. It aims to create awareness that landscape architecture goes beyond the ‘green’ norms of designing with plants and gardens.

Overseas entry need not be a project located in Singapore. Projects can be sited in students’ respective countries or a project done as part of their academic coursework.
There will be two rounds of judging, of which shortlisted and winning entries will be displayed during the prize ceremony and exhibition.

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