PI Insurance claims predicted to increase

As economic conditions worsen, LI members need to be aware that there is a risk of an increased number of complaints or insurance claims being brought against them by clients.

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City Hall’s roof greenery flourishes five years later – ajc.com

“Atlanta City Hall’s large-scale “green roof,” installed on the patio outside the building’s cafeteria in 2003, is flourishing.

Bill Brigham, the city’s landscape architect who designed the project, said the planting has survived high winds, extended drought and the once-a-decade effort to pressure wash the building.”

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Lesson from China: Get agricultural land price right-India-The Times of India

“It is ironic that both India and China are having to grapple, at roughly the same time, with the knotty issue of putting agricultural land to industrial or urban use.

India has been beset by a series of protests against the transfer of cultivable land to factory and mining projects. In China, a high-level meeting of the ruling Communist Party discussed sweeping changes last week to allow agricultural land to be used for industrial or non-farming purposes.”

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China’s pioneering eco-city of Dongtan stalls – Telegraph

This was supposed to be the site of Dongtan, the world’s first eco-city, a paradise of sustainable living that would house half-a-million people and set an example to the world.

However an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has revealed that Dongtan is still nothing but a pipe dream.

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Landscape increasing in importance in buyer’s eyes

“For more than a decade, as property values soared, luxury condominium developers found creative ways to promote projects. Some touted exclusive addresses and lavish amenities while others enlisted celebrity architects and endorsers to help drum up enthusiasm. Now, as numbers of sales fall in even the most resilient real estate markets, developers are having to work even harder. And many are turning to an area that once received only perfunctory attention: landscape design.

“Today, a buyer is just as likely to ask about the gardens and public spaces at a development project as what kind of kitchen or bath amenities there are,” says Edward Lewis, a London estate agency that specialises in new properties. And in a slowing market, every detail matters.

In New York the backers of Beekman Plaza have listed their landscape architects, Field Operations, in collaboration with Dutch planting expert Piet Oudolf, alongside their star architect, Frank Gehry.

For their part, top architects say working closely with landscape designers from the outset of a project is essential, particularly on large-scale housing developments. “Landscaping used to be one of the weak links in residential condominium design,” says Gisue Hariri, a partner at design firm Hariri & Hariri Architecture.”

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