What is BIM and Landscape Architecture?

Many landscape architects get hung up on the concept of BIM (Building Information Modeling), simply because it contains the word ‘building’. But BIM is really just the next technological progression in the AEC industry. It is a shift from creating printed drawings of the landscape, to creating and coordinating data within a digital model of the landscape. In some ways, the switch to BIM is perhaps more difficult than the switch to CAD because it requires a substantial change in the processes that have been in place since hand drafting.

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Botanica Khao Yai | Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand | T.R.O.P : terrains + open space

Botanica Khao Yai-Thailand-TROP-5
Inspired by the nearby mountain range, Khao Yai, Thailand’s largest rain forest (also Thailand’s first national park), the landscape is created as the link between the architecture and Nature. Instead of trying to produce a faked natural forest, the architecture is interpreted as big trees while the landscape represents the green areas underneath. Working with different qualities of sunlight, the landscape solution successfully introduces the man-made sustainable forest, which inspires the residents to understand and appreciate what Nature is all about.

Botanica Khao Yai-Thailand-TROP-1

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Park Hyatt Resort in Mallorca designed by AECOM

AECOM has completed the landscape architecture of the Park Hyatt Mallorca, a new luxury resort set within the Cap Vermell Estate. Open this month, it is the first Park Hyatt Resort in Europe and the first Hyatt Hotel in Mallorca, providing 142 guest rooms and 16 uniquely designed suites. Recreational facilities will include swimming pools, a fitness centre and a luxury spa.

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Spring pavillion in Beijing 如何赋予建筑春意盎然的趣味? 


LATITUDE was commissioned by Beijing Financial Street Mall in collaboration with Better Homes And Gardens magazine to design a pavilion capable of holding outdoor spring-themed cultural activities.
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Registrations open for L Train Shutdown Charrette


Van Alen Institute has opened registrations for the L Train Shutdown Charrette. The Canarsie tunnel connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn on the L line will be closed completely for one and a half years or closed partially for three years to make repairs due to damage from Superstorm Sandy. Van Alen Institute is holding a charette propose implementable interventions that look beyond shuttle buses and private cars. Participants from both design and non-design fields are invited to this program that asks how unforeseen design solutions can facilitate easier routes during service shutdowns.

Have an idea? There is no entry fee to enter. Form an interdisciplinary team of at least two people and send us your 150-word concept by midnight EDT on June 9. 

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Note from the Editor: Why is this posted on a landscape architecture blog? Because landscape architects look at problems at a macro scale and thought that a landscape architect teamed with an engineer, architect or other non-design discipline could create a disruptive solution. It will be interesting to see everyone’s ideas.

Image Credit | Van Alen Institute

Singapore Botanic Gardens unveils new Heritage Garden


Recently the Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong unveiled the Heritage Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Overlooking Swan Lake, the Heritage Garden is located on the same lawn where Singapore’s first “Aneka Ragam Ra’ayat”, or People’s Variety Show, took place. The Heritage Garden highlights the social history of the Gardens, as well as its pivotal role in Singapore’s greening journey.

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The Porch – gateway to University City

Groundswell Design Group was brought on by Philadelphia’s University City District to redesign The Porch, a public space located next to 30th Street Station, Philadelphia’s main train station and the second busiest station in the United States. With 18,000 workers within a five-minute walk, and 16,000 people passing through the site daily, this former parking lot sits nestled between the grand colonnades of 30th Street Station and four lanes of traffic on Market Street. The Porch ultimately acts as the station’s gateway to Center City Philadelphia and University City.

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