SWA remakes El Paso`s 100-year-old Historic Park

El Paso-San-Jacinto-Plaza---Jonnu-Singleton-3432

SWA’s redesign of San Jacinto Plaza, a historic gathering place in El Paso’s downtown business district provides a state-of-the-art urban open space, while protecting and celebrating the history and culture of the site. The project was the result of an intensive community process involving input from a wide range of constituents. Active programming, environmental and economic sustainability, and great design have catalyzed renewed interest and investment in the types of urban open spaces exemplified by the updated plaza.

El Paso-San-Jacinto-Plaza---Jonnu-Singleton-3560

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Shenzhen Bay Tech-Eco Park | Shenzhen China | CRJA-IBI Group and BLY Landscape Architects


CRJA-IBI Group in collaboration with BLY Landscape Architects were selected to design the exterior landscaped area, roadways, elevated decks, gardens and roof gardens for four districts within the new Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology Park. Shenzhen is a major city in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The area is China’s first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones. The project’s location within the urban fabric of Shenzhen offered the landscape architects distinct opportunities to create an energizing addition to the neighborhood.

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The Rainforest is an executive condominium housing development set amidst vast landscaped grounds that evoke the look of a nature reserve. Spanning an area of 17,590 square metres situated along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3, the residential development is well integrated with its lush tropical setting.


2016 Serpentine Pavilion by BIG


For the Serpentine Pavilion 2016, we have attempted to design a structure that embodies multiple aspects that are often perceived as opposites: a structure that is free-form yet rigorous, modular yet sculptural, both transparent and opaque, both box and blob.

BIG Serpentine Pavilion 2016 from BIG on Vimeo.

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Canada creates landscape intervention for Venice Biennale


Aerial View of EXTRACTION – Canada Pavilion Intervention at Venice Biennale in Giardini | Image via Twitter from Felix Torkar Asst. Curator Making Heimat

The Art Gallery of Alberta is proud to present Canada’s National Exhibition EXTRACTION, curated by OPSYS, to open at Biennale Architettura 2016 on May 28th. Located outside in the Giardini for the first time in the history of the biannual exhibition, the project presents an interactive landscape intervention—built into the ground—that reveals Canada’s global presence as pre-eminent extractive nation to the world. Through a unique audiovisual experience, EXTRACTION explores the scales, states, and systems of resource extraction, bringing to the surface its historical depths, as well as its political, ecological, and territorial dimensions.

The project is entirely about land, landscape, and landscape architecture. It calls attention to not only the territories of extraction that cities rely on, but the histories of colonization that underlies these territories. – Pierre Bélanger, Curator


A Walk in the Park of Empires from EXTRACTION on Vimeo.

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BIM and Landscape Architecture: What, Why, and How?

Many landscape architects get hung up on the concept of BIM (Building Information Modeling), simply because it contains the word ‘building’. But BIM is really just the next technological progression in the AEC industry. It is a shift from creating printed drawings of the landscape, to creating and coordinating data within a digital model of the landscape. In some ways, the switch to BIM is perhaps more difficult than the switch to CAD because it requires a substantial change in the processes that have been in place since hand drafting.

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T.R.O.P creates resort inspired by the Khao Yai

Botanica Khao Yai-Thailand-TROP-5
Inspired by the nearby mountain range, Khao Yai, Thailand’s largest rain forest (also Thailand’s first national park), the landscape is created as the link between the architecture and Nature. Instead of trying to produce a faked natural forest, the architecture is interpreted as big trees while the landscape represents the green areas underneath. Working with different qualities of sunlight, the landscape solution successfully introduces the man-made sustainable forest, which inspires the residents to understand and appreciate what Nature is all about.

Botanica Khao Yai-Thailand-TROP-1

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