2013 in Review | June

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2013 | Sou Fujimoto
Designed as a flexible, multi-purpose social space – with a café run for the
first time by Fortnum and Mason inside – visitors will be encouraged to enter and interact with the Pavilion in different ways throughout its four-month tenure in London’s Kensington Gardens.

5 Churchill Place Plaza | London UK | HOK
HOK worked closely with the client to produce a design which responds to the need for public use and continues the high quality contemporary design of the Canary Wharf Estate.

Curtin University Place Activation Plan | Perth Australia | PLACE Laboratory
Code-named Curtin City the project will deliver a new population of students, researchers and residents of up to 70,000 people living and working in Perth’s newest knowledge economy. Connected to the city by the MAX light rail transit, Curtin City will be only minutes from downtown Perth enabling the rapid exchange of business and research ideas.

2013 in Review | May

The Plaza at Harvard University | Cambridge USA | Stoss
The Plaza transforms this previously barren and underutilized space—with deteriorated asphalt paths and muddy lawns—into a new social hub of campus life, and a new meeting place for city residents, University affiliates, and visitors alike.
The Plaza at Harvard University | Cambridge USA | Stoss

Re-Cultivating the Forest City | Cleveland USA | PORT
Re-Cultivating the Forest City looks to leverage a highly modified natural system subjugated by various formats of anthropogenic occupancy to create an instrument of urban regeneration in the context of an economically and environmentally challenged middle American city.

Cranbrook Junior School | Sydney Australia | ASPECT Studios
The new Cranbrook Junior School was designed with the ambition of creating a ‘school in a park’. Working closely with Tzannes Associates, ASPECT Studios developed the landscape design to provide flexible spaces that best meet teaching, learning and play requirements.

2013 in Review | April

EuropaCity | Paris France | BIG
EuropaCity will offer on an unprecedented scale a mix of retail, culture and leisure around a defining theme: Europe, its diversity, its urban experiences and its cultures.

Curating the Common | Lviv Ukraine | ATLAS lab
In order to allow Lviv to curate its own unique resources and local community, Curating the Common outlines a formal composition of unifying ground planes and articulated vertical layers that flank and inhabit the complex through three distinct zones: Cathedral Grove, Cathedral Sculpture and Performance Plaza and Valova Art Café.

Wenying Lake | Datong China | AECOM
To achieve the goals, a simple approach was taken. Planting serves as a foundation around the lake. On the City side (west), there are the paths and entry plazas corresponding with the urban fabric, connecting to the waterfront in a series of decks, steps and long esplanades.

2013 in Review | March

Place of Reflection | Perth Australia | Plan E
The Place of Reflection is designed to be a tranquil place; a landmark location where all people who have suffered loss or trauma can seek understanding, peace, healing, hope and renewal.

Cronton Colliery | Knowlsey United Kingdom | HASSELL
HASSELL was one of four finalists shortlisted in the Royal Institute of British Architects / Land Trust competition to create a master plan for a new public open space and visitor destination at the former Cronton Colliery site – a disused coal mine in Knowlsey, United Kingdom.

Padaro Lane | Carpinteria USA | Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture
The modern aesthetic of this striking home was embraced by the landscape architect during the renovation of the coastal garden.


2013 in Review | February

Sri Kumaran’s Children Home and Education Council | Bangalore India | Integrated Design (INDE)
An Institutional Development that demonstrates sustainable ecological landscape development through the use of water management, ecological landscapes, use of natural and local materials, use of native biodiversity, etc, resulting in substantial savings in water use and maintenance.

Green Inspiration Exposarium | Baarn Netherlands | Hollandschap
The garden is designed and implemented to inspire visitors, both individuals and professionals. As the main industry of the Bomencentrum Nederland is the nursery business, the garden shows new and unusual materials and features to show all the different possibilities the nursery offers.

Shoemaker Green at University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia USA | Andropogon Associates
Shoemaker Green will serve as a model for sustainable campus design. Through the innovative use of a variety of strategies and technologies, the design of Shoemaker Green has been optimized to capture and control storm water from the site

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