Narodna Square | Uzhgorod Ukraine | Formline

Narodna square in Uzhgorod  is located in front of house of administration, in the center of one of the best residential areas of the city, near the waterfront, close to university and public institutions. Currently, the square is empty, it looks like huge lawn surrounded by parking. The main objective of the project – to convert existing square into active public space, provide new leisure opportunities for the inhabitants, to make the conditions for staying in this environment. The main idea still is that space should not impose any specific function, but rather to offer free interpretation of space.

The first step is to release square from cars – limiting the movement of private transport and prohibit parking.  Conventionally, the square is divided into 3 parts. The first part – is located in front of the administration. This part is the most active pedestrian activities and transit, next paving gradient becomes lawn. Citizen can relax, read, lie down or sit on the grass and have the opportunity to choose themselves how to use the available space. The third part – artificially formed relief, that also can be used freely and create an atmosphere of mountain hill, intended for various activities – meetings, performances, play, communication. We transformed the character of Transcarpathia region into urban elements – sakura, mountain landscape, stone, local flowers and plants, mineral water. Narodna square will obtain a special atmosphere and become not only a comfortable environment, but a new face of the city.

Narodna Square | Uzhgorod Ukraine | Formline

Project Team: Andriy Khir, Oksana Sinkevych