Ideas blossom on Berlin Wall death strip

The area that bounded the Berlin Wall stretches for 155km(96miles) known as No-Mans Land and the death strip is a vast green oasis running through Berlin, some watchtowers remain.
The AFP article tells us that

Dutch landscape architect Joyce van den Berg has set herself such a task, saying secret gardens, art installations and recreational spaces could flourish in what she calls a “trauma landscape”.

She sees her work as a race against time, and her ideas range from the fanciful to the highly promising.

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  • “The mines and dogs and barbed wire are gone, as are the border guards with orders to shoot to kill, the so-called death strip and, of course, the Berlin Wall itself.”

    ‘So-called’? No, Deborah Cole, it really was a death strip, where if you ventured, be you man, woman, child, or dog, you were machine gunned to death.