Speck: Cars are a greater risk than crime to pedestrians

January 23, 2011,AEDT

Jeff Speck of Speck Associates recently gave a presentation at the University Park Alliance as apart of the Urban Innovators Speakers series. Speck  stated that “Most American cities have been shaped around the automobile” and “Cars are a greater risk than crime” to pedestrians. He also spoke about the need | Read More

Chicago Rarities hoping for an Urban Orchard at Logan Square

January 21, 2011,AEDT

Chicago Rarities Orchard Project is a non-profit organization founded to establish community rare-fruit orchards in Chicago. There current project is Logan Square an abandoned lot that Chicao Rarities hopes to turn into a community orchard and plaza. Currently they are working with the City of Chicago and Altamanu planning + landscape | Read More

Improving Superblocks in cities through Redevelopment

January 20, 2011,AEDT

Superblocks have their advantages – internal circulation is pedestrian friendly but also disadvantages – long distances between blocks and sometimes impervious as they become more private rather than public space. Recently Under One Roof posted an interesting read about how development of superblocks can improve cities. Read more at [Under | Read More

The Advantages of High Density

January 20, 2011,AEDT

High Density cities have there advantages include convenience, access to transport, reduction in services & infrastructure. Prathima Manohar has outlined more advantages & challenges in a recent post – The Advantages of High Density at Urban Vision

Urbanism – trying to balance wants & needs

January 19, 2011,AEDT

Kaid Benfield in his recent post for Switchboard asks “How much Urbanism is enough?”. What is the right balance of walkability and nature? What is your a person who need to retreat from the urban environment? How do we balance transit with driving cars solo?  Kaid looks at various challenges we face | Read More

Signage Guidelines can reduce clutter in the landscape

January 17, 2011,AEDT

The image of US 280 in Michael Tomberlin’s post – Birmingham committee revisiting sign rules is very telling of the suburban landscape where signs breed like rabbits and litter the road side with retailers using the mantra ‘the bigger the better’ rather than ‘less is more’. Signage littering the urban | Read More

Toronto: Can it break free from the Sprawl

January 17, 2011,AEDT

Christopher Hume, Architecture Critic for Toronto Star writes in Hume: Resisting the Call of Sprawl Though suburbia has failed to live up to the promise, its appeal isn’t hard to understand. The damage inflicted on cities during the last 50 or 60 years went a long way to make them | Read More

IFTF publishes The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion

December 17, 2010,AEDT

Institute  for the Future (IFTF) just published The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion – a ten year forecast map charts the important intersections between urbanization and digitalization that will shape this global urban experiment, and the key tensions that will arise. Its an interesting way to look at cities, | Read More

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