Conference – 6th Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Conference

This Conference aims to address the many inter-related aspects of the urban environment from transport and mobility to social exclusion and crime prevention. The meeting will build on the contributions made in previous conferences, which successfully managed to provide an international view of the problems facing modern cities and their solutions.

14 – 16 April 2010
La Coruña, Spain

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Conference – 6th European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference

6th European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference, which will take place in, on 19-21 May 2010.

The Dunkerque 2010 conference will explore how local sustainability can represent an answer to the current economic, social and climate challenges and how it can be further implemented at the European level under the actual financial and political frameworks. It will also offer a unique opportunity to assess and push forward the progress and achievements of European local governments in the field of sustainable development.

Dunkirk(Dunkerque), France

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Conference – Dilemmas in Contemporary Landscape Architecture (Slovenia)

International Conference Dilemmas in Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Department of Landscape Architecture (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana) is organizing an international conference titled “Dilemmas In Contemporary Landscape Architecture” in Ljubljana (Slovenia),

November 20, 2009
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27- 29 May, Aschersleben, Harz Mountains, Germany

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Conference – WSEAS LA 2010

3rd WSEAS International Conference on LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE

Timisoara, Romania, October 21-23, 2010

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