Portland has room to move

According to OregonLive.com the Portland city has announced plans to accommodate another 1 million people by increasing the density of the existing urban areas. The Portland plans to encourage developers to build up not out to increase density and reduce the dependence on cars. By redeveloping of  existing  buildings and industrial zones to increase the city’s density will protect existing prime farmland and key natural areas. Although development groups see the plan as unrealistic as it doesn’t allow for industrial zones for job creation and the groups also question the costs of use of existing infrastructure.

However, I have to wonder whether these development groups are more worried about the higher cost of developing existing built areas rather than green field developments.

VIA OregonLive.com

Sasaki Associates working on OSU Masterplan

Sasaki Associates have been working on the Ohio State University(OSU) Masterplan since February and to be finished by next Spring. The project is the largest scope that Sasaki Associates has worked on for an American university.
The plan is centred on living-learning communities with no more than a 10 minute walk with a rethinking of planning of dorms, research and recreation facilities. Also the plan includes a change in approach to carparking and the land use along the river front.

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Clive looks at nature & recreation centers

Clive is looking at new facilities suggested by a new plan approved by the City last week. The facilities include a nature center, community gym and a dog park.

Genus Landscape Architects has developed a plan for a nature center that could cost between $1.5 to 4 million depending on scope and detailing for final construction.

SOURCE: Clive council eyes recreation, nature centers | DesMoinesRegister.com | The Des Moines Register

Topher Delaney on the Healing Power of Gardens Lecture 24 Sept.

Free Public Lecture September 24th by Environmental Designer and San Francisco Arts Commissioner, Topher Delaney will discuss her work at a free public lecture, “Focus on the Garden,” September 24 at UC Berkeley Extension’s Art and Design Center in San Francisco.

Delaney will also teach a new course this fall at UC Berkeley Extension, “Value: The Exploration of Cultural and Spiritual Meanings in Landscape Design.” The course, which begins September 28 in San Francisco, offers lectures by Delaney and other experts on the fundamental concepts of the history, aesthetics, and spiritual and political implications of garden and landscape creation. Guest speakers will include Father Tom Lucas, Professor of Art at USF, and Ms. Jonie Palmer, Ph.D. candidate at University of Colorado, and others.

The free public lecture, “Focus on the Garden,” will be held on September 24 from 5:30-6:30 pm at UC Berkeley Extension’s Art and Design Center, 95 Third Street in San Francisco. For more information or to sign up for this free event, please visit http://extension.berkeley.edu/cat/course2121.html

SOURCE: UC Berkeley Extension

Urban farms springing up on rooftops

All across Manhattan urban farms are springing up across one of the densely built cities in the world. Urban Farms (community gardens) are nothing new but recently they are moving up onto the rooftops across the world as urbanites want to grow their own food and cool down their buildings.

The Washington Post has an article about the Urban Farms in Manhattan and how as the city has boomed with Community Gardens being sold for development gardens have moved up onto rooftops.

Read and See more at the Planting Roofs takes off in New York – Washingtonpost

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