Purdue students go global with service projects

“From Kenya to South Africa to Ecuador, Purdue University students are using the skills they learn in the classroom to help others around the world.

Kim Wilson, a professor of horticulture and landscape architecture, will travel with 12 students to Ecuador on May 19. She says they hope to complete some of the design projects previous classes worked on during the past four years.

“A new government was elected this year, and there is money to implement a few of the sustainable designs in the rainforest village of San Miguel, including a boat ramp and central open space,” Wilson said. “Also, Bahia de Caraquez would like us to continue with their waterfront design along the Pacific Coast.”

SOURCE: Purdue University – Purdue students go global with service projects.

Professor Robert Gottlieb Interview by Streetsblog

Streetblog posted an interview with “Robert Gottlieb is the Henry R. Luce Professor of Urban Environmental Studies and Director of the Urban Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College. The Institute seeks to marry education with action and thus Gottlieb and his students have become a major force for transportation reform in Los Angeles”.

read the full interview @ the [SOURCE: Streetsblog » Streetsblog Interview: Professor Robert Gottlieb]

Daniel Parker: Why bother ‘planning’ if we defy smart growth? – tallahassee.com – Tallahassee Democrat

The Dec. 14 Associated Press analysis “Planning hasn’t prevented growing pains” needs to be put into local perspective to fully understand the difference between a legal view to planning and a sustainable one.

read the full blog piece @ the SOURCE:  tallahassee.com – Tallahassee Democrat Daniel Parker: Why bother ‘planning’ if we defy smart growth?

Marketing Market Square: New plans for park account for humans, and dogs | Editorial | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle reports

“Houston can’t quite get the hang of downtown parks, though other cities have featured this bit of urban design for millennia. There’s a valiant new effort, though, to lift Market Square Park up to its potential. If it works, credit should go to the planners for asking what humans really want in an oasis.”

read the full article @ Chron.com – Houston Chronicle – Marketing Market Square: New plans for park account for humans, and dogs

City of lost opportunity – Opinion – TheStar.com

Michael Warren of the Toronto Star writes an op-ed piece about Toronto – “Twenty years ago Toronto was on the cusp of becoming a world class city. Since then it has squandered that potential. Today it’s just another struggling North American city bracing for the onslaught of the worst recession in living memory.”

Read the full article @ the [SOURCE: TheStar.com | Opinion | City of lost opportunity]

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