Meeting the demand for sustainable materials – icWales

May 18, 2008,AEST

The soaring number of eco-communities and eco-homes have resulted in a growing demand for sustainable materials. One company that has benefited enormously from the boom is T Mawr, a traditional and ecological building company based in Brecon, which began growing | Read More

Up on the roof garden –

May 17, 2008,AEST

Only a few years ago, anyone who suggested growing plants on a roof might have been dismissed as a complete crank. Not any more. Sedum on roofThe Botanical Roof Garden, Augustenborg, Sweden Green roofs have started to appear on new | Read More

The hills of the future – BBC News

May 14, 2008,AEST

Major construction projects produce hundreds of tons of rubble and spoil, but is there an environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill? Four hills which have sprung up on the outskirts of London provide the answer. For years large quantities of it ended | Read More

Design Forum To Visit City

May 12, 2008,AEST

The city is set to host Architectural Dialogue 2008, an international forum and exhibition of architecture and design, whose sponsors include City Hall’s committee for investment and strategic projects. The event will take place from May 23 to June 1 | Read More

Urban checkpoint –

May 12, 2008,AEST

“Contact with the natural environment can be an antidote to some of the unhealthy aspects of an urban environment.” This statement came out of a seminar on mental health organised by the Richmond Foundation. Marking its 15th anniversary, while taking | Read More

Boris takes on Ken’s Legacy

May 10, 2008,AEST

Day one, gaffe one. Even before he officially signed on as the new London Mayor on Saturday 3 May, Boris Johnson had managed to confuse Norman Foster with Richard Rogers. Stumbling up to the podium, he mistakenly praised Rogers for | Read More

Students to gain real-world work experience in Spain

May 10, 2008,AEST

Eight Cornell architecture students in an Arch 501 studio received real-world experience this semester, working on a new community music center to be built in Valencia, Spain. Students visited the site over spring break and met with architects in Valencia. | Read More

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